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A - Company 1LT Jean

A Company
- The Golden Jackals We are known for our creative core of enlisted and officers in A Company, many of whom come from a creative background. Both inside and outside of the battlefield, we Jackals make use of our clever and inventive skills to carry us forth to victory. As we are A Company, we naturally form the tip of the spear. We're the first to lead the charge and the last to fall. We strike our enemy as a Jackal would; with furious tenacity and unrelenting spirit. We make sure that for everyone one of ours that fall - we take two of them with us. We pride ourselves on our strong efforts to grow both our enlisted and NCO corps, as well as provide Hampton's Legion with valuable NCOs. Thus, A Company offers NCO training for anyone above the rank of Private. We also value transparency & efficiency above anything else in A Company ― things get done, things get told. By joining A Company, you will be in the hands of excellence and in the arms of brothers.
B - Company 2LT Baron

B Company
– Edgefield Volunteers South Carolina’s finest, the Edgefield Volunteers pride themselves on their discipline, perseverance and camaraderie. Our soldiers spend many hours training their shooting and movement to perfection according to the old adage “sweat saves blood”. Federal forces across the Eastern theater flee in terror from our perfectly executed and devastating volleys and charges. A B Company man never tires. We give no quarter and pursue the enemy from the field wherever we find him. We will not rest or lay down our muskets until every last Yankee invader is thrown from our Southern lands and chased back to Washington! We fight as one for all, and as all for one. No B Company man will be left behind. If the worst should come to pass and one of our brothers falls, we will close ranks and with bullet and bayonet make the Yankee pay for what they’ve done. If you want to fight for your home and hearth together with the best men South Carolina has to offer, enlist in the Edgefield Volunteers today!
C - Company CPT Sharpe

C Company
- Montgomery County Sharpshooters Here in C Company we are foremost sharpshooters of the regiment. We pride ourselves in being expert marksmen and will lay down unrelenting, deadly accurate fire wherever the enemy dares to show their head. Whether we’re fighting in a line or skirmishing, no enemy formation can withstand our withering fire for long. Of course, when the enemy gets close we're not afraid to get our hands dirty: with bayonets fixed we charge out the enemy with great courage and iron discipline. Enemy units on the receiving end of our charge will rapidly break and flee from the field. Our company is commanded by veteran officers supported by a corps of battle hardened NCOs, who lead our well drilled and courageous enlisted into battle. In C Company we are a true band of brothers: we fight to the last and leave no man behind. Whether firing or charging, C Company forms the backbone of the infantry line. If you want to fight alongside some of the finest Southern braves out there, join the Montgomery County Sharpshooters today!
D - Company CPT Archeologist

D Company
- Arch's Huns D Company is the heart of the firing line. Whether showing our bravery in holding against overwhelming odds, or our élan in the charge, we reliably follow the orders of our leaders even in the heat of the fight. We will not falter or flee nor will we break. For D Company, there is only victory or death. We take pride in the consistent quality of our shooting, our discipline, tenacity and bravery in the fight. When we attack, we will conquer and when we defend, every wave the enemy throws at us will break. Together with our corps of NCOs and officers, veterans all, we constantly improve our fighting skills until no yank is left to stand in our way. And when the time comes D Company will be the cavalry Company of the regiment, spearheading the charge all the way to Washington D.C.!
E - Company CPT LeMat

E Company
- Palmetto Guards We are known for our battle tested officers, Ncos, and enlisted. On the battlefield we guard hamptons legion by always staying alert and ready. We are great while under fire from Yankees and will guard hamptons legion with our lives! If you wanna guard Hamptons legion with your life then join Palmetto Guards today!
Battery 1LT Snapperkins

- Hart’s South Carolina Artillery In Hart’s Battery, we take pride in being lethal gunners, able to rein devastating hellfire down upon the Yankee lines from afar. Our battery consists of veteran artillerymen who have played the game for years, as well as boasting a highly skilled and enthused crew of new recruits. We are expert gunners with the ability to land destructive hits on ANY enemy line, on ANY map, in ANY position. Whether we are arching shots over hills to hit hidden lines in defilades, or holding the line with murderous canister shot, you will become accustomed to watching enemy lines evaporate into red mist. If you are interested in being a fundamental part of one of the best batteries in War of Rights, join Hart’s South Carolina Artillery today!



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