About Us

Since 1974, Hampton Legion, Co. “G” (The Claremont Rifles), has been reenacted as one of the premiere living history organizations in Southern California. The group is dedicated to presenting an accurate portrayal of the famed South Carolina unit based on extensive research and discussion. We are equally dedicated to making each event a memorable experience, emphasizing safety, authenticity and fun. Hampton’s welcomes reenactors of all experience levels, helping them to progress their historical impressions from “fresh fish” to “veteran campaigner.”


Company “G” represents a Confederate infantry company of the Army of Northern Virginia during the Civil War. Specifically, our uniform and equipment represent the period of late spring, 1862. This is the time of the Peninsular Campaign in Virginia (March-July), including Seven Pines and Gaines' Mill. Between those two battles, in the first week of June, Hampton’s Legion was reorganized. Individual units were reassigned by service branch (Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery) to separate brigades. The infantry units, including Co. "G," were assigned to the First Brigade, better known as the “Texas” Brigade.

Unit Philosophy

We seek to create an immersive experience at events, exploring the daily activities and material culture familiar to soldiers of the Civil War. We take pains to forsake the concerns of our modern age, if only for a weekend.

We take pride in our role as educators. We recognize that the job of a living historian is to help advance knowledge through research and personal portrayal of a specific time period and people. Our membership includes teachers and we regularly visit area schools for presentations. We embrace opportunities to interact with visitors at events to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for history.

We work closely with civilian reenactors to ensure that women, children and men not portraying soldiers have a role in shaping the experience at reenactments. We engage in many activities beyond the battlefield, including military drill & marches, authentic music, playing "base ball," cooking, letter writing, camp life, and many other small, fun scenarios to round out the mid-Ninteenth Century experience. Like-minded reenactors are invited to join us in these pursuits.

Company Rules

We have but few rules. In the keep-it-simple spirit of the Civil War campaigner, they are as follows:

  1. Have Fun
  2. Be Safe
  3. Strive for Authenticity
  4. Don’t Discuss Modern Politics
  5. Discrimination and Racism Are Not Tolerated
  6. No Drama
  7. Have Fun

We love reenacting. We love the whole experience. Our brief rules are intended to maximize that experience. It’s so refreshing to leave the modern world behind for a few days, set a boiler over the fire and become immersed in history, hardtack and all that great gear! We look forward to sharing this experience with you.